Strategic Advice

Chance Team has the skills, professionalism and work experience to assist and support top management of the companies to define and develop the Corporate Strategy, essential for the development of the Business


The support provided, which is fed by continuous meetings, focus on topics that usually are outside of product or service strategies, which are a specific know how of the company


An effective development of new business initiatives requires, not only a high knowledge of the product or service to be provided, but also skills and experience in other functional areas. Thanks to the multidisciplinary nature of its consultants, Chance is able to drive the company since its establishment, in its growth path

Strategic Marketing

All successful companies have developed thanks to a Marketing Strategy, that has been defined in many cases, by the entrepreneur. In order to keep at a high level the competitiveness of the Company, it is periodically necessary to implement a structural review of the above strategy, as the market and the context evolve rapidly. Market Research, Segmentation,Targeting and Positioning can help to find opportunities in the market that the company can catch and settle up work plans to achieve the goals

Organizational Developments

All companies in order to maintain a high level of competitiveness in an increasingly dynamic and unpredictable context, have to review periodically their processes and set up training and developing plans for human resources. The Chance’s team put at companies disposal its skills and experience in order to transfer, in a highly customized way, knowledges, methods, tools and anything else is required to make the business processes as much lean and effective as possible

Generation Turnover

To guarantee business continuity, it’ s helpful to perform in advance analysis and human resources developing plans that can progressively assume roles of responsibility, all in accordance with the potential and attitudes of the resources. The Chance's Team has several years of experience in this area and supports Companies in paths finalized to a “turnover” that sometimes are articulated and complex, and would be difficult to set up and maintained by the company autonomously


In order to invest in a targeted way and to increase the chances of success, the International Development of the Markets should be started as a result of proper analysis and market research as much as possible in a quantitative way

Executive Management Control

Executive Management Control System is a set of processes, methods and tools that the company can and should use to monitor and control the progress of the planned activities and the level of achievement of the goals in the short, medium and long term. In order to activate and preserve the company's control, it is necessary to define performance indicators (KPI) and to adopt a suitable information system that will acknowledge the logic of control desired, in order to get effective reports. Only in this way the company can detect problems in time and implement corrective actions

Counseling, Coaching, Mentoring

Chance's consultants have appropriate skills, professionalism and experience to support the Top Management of the company with the aim of guidance, support and develop the leadership potential, transfer them methods, tools and good business procedures, promote a change aimed to the development of the potential, take, when necessary, the best decisions

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