In order to reach goals defined in strategic plans, the companies should work properly and efficiently. Chance team has the appropriate skills to support companies in reaching an excellent organization and work with Best Available Practices

Project implementation is carried out by a concrete approach that fits to the actual needs of the specific company

Marketing and Commercial Developments

In order to reach goals defined in strategic plans, the companies should work properly and efficiently. Chance's Team has the appropriate skills to support companies in reaching an excellent organization and work with Best Available Practices

Project Management

In order to implement effectively and efficiently Company plans (strategic or operational), it is necessary to get an organization, methods and management tools that, taking into account the characteristics and development stages of the same, and in compliance with precise constraints (time, cost, resources, quality), allow to reach the goals as originally planned


An excellent organization cannot disregard from the business areas that are generally identified by the term of “OPERATIONS” such as Customer and supplier Order Management, the Scheduling and Production Progress, the Warehouse Management, Transport and Distribution Management. According to the latest management theories, the Operations once considered exclusively the "arm" of strategic planning that saw in other company areas the source of competitive advantage, today represent a lever through which the company stands out from the competition

Health and Safety

Health and Safety is an issue, as a special theme, that has to be handled by the Top Management of the Company. The Chance's Team is able to drive any business context in a process aimed into a drastically reduction of the risks and minimizing investments by the company itself, all in full compliance with the activities carried out by the trusted technicians of the company who have been delegated to preserve the maintenance of the safety management system

Quality Management System and Certifications

Quality Management System of a company represents a set of policies, guidelines and procedures which the company operates with (or should operate). These contents are structurally organized in a manual, management procedures, operating procedures or work instructions and control and audit templates. The Chance's Team, according to the needs, is able to support a company to develop and implement an effective system to manage quality, safety, environment, Ethics or Integrated Management System, in compliance with the regulations recognized internationally and to let the company get the certifications they need in order to commercialize their own products and services

Temporary Management

In some circumstances, Temporary Management can be for the company an alternative solution to executives or traditional consulting, in order to achieve pre-defined goals. Often companies in order to manage critical phases (regarding the development of their business or restructuration), need to use this tool and Chance, thanks to the multidisciplinary nature of its consultants, has the right skills to play, for a period of time, any role in production or service companies

Top Training

When necessary, Chance is able to plan, manage and offer personalized training on highly specialized topics that are not in this "list" or by teachers who do not have sufficient know-how and experience. The most common themes are inherent the ways and means of improvement to achieve Business Excellence, for example , Kaizen and Continuous Improvement, 6 Sigma, Total Productive Maintenance, Lean Organization, Lean Manufacturing World Class Manufacturing and other

New Information Systems

Chance's Team support companies in identifying working methos and tools which guarantee a higher efficiency. Particularly, above mentioned team verifies if and how would be possible to improve features of current management information system or if it would be better to change it

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